Our retreat is a whole complex to improve your inner state
42 mental and physical practices
Through these practices you will be able to enter the psilocybin experience as comfortably as possible and deeply work through your inner requests
Music is used to improve your physical and emotional health. The session is combined with breathing practices.
Combined with psilocybin ceremonies will help remove emotional clamps and blocks in the body, allowing energy to flow unimpeded.
Help you relax, improve your memory and concentration, and teach you to focus on the really important things.
Retreat Program
It is forbidden to drink any alcoholic beverages before the retreat.
The use of any narcotic or psychotropic substances, including antidepressants, is also forbidden.
Detox Diet
It is equally important to pause sexual intercourse a week before the retreat.
This is important to stabilize the psyche and hormone levels in the body.
Sexual abstinence
Provide yourself with as much peace of mind as possible. Don’t watch horror movies, avoid stressful work tasks, and try not to have conflicts. Limit your intake of news, social media, and soap operas.
Emotional diet
Cost of a Psilocybin Retreat in a Spanish Castle
Discounts up to 30% until March 8
from 10 to 20 guests
8 days / 7 nights
from 3600 €
from 2480 €
The area of the apartments is from 20 meters. This is the most affordable accommodation option with one bathroom for two rooms.
Area up to 30 meters. Interior, furniture and decor in the style of a medieval Spanish castle. Separate bathroom in the room.
The apartment has a fireplace, comfortable and functional furniture for full relaxation, with wonderful views of the valleys and mountains.
The most luxurious 2 rooms at the castle
for those who appreciate luxury and comfort. 2-bedroom apartment of 50 m². Single occupancy, with the possibility of a second guest for a supplement.
The bedroom is located in the chateau tower. Panoramic windows are installed along the perimeter of the room, from which you can enjoy a wonderful view of the valley, the forest and the mountains.
King Suite
To book the participation it is necessary to pay a deposit of 480 €, the rest is paid on the spot.
Healing people from physical and mental problems with the help of psychedelic natural medicine