Privacy Policy

It is very important to us that your personal data is not disclosed. We endeavour to provide you with a fun and rewarding online experience and wish you to use all the tools and information and benefits provided by the Internet without fear.

Personal information of Members that was provided at the time of registration or for any other purpose is necessary to prepare content or services according to your personal needs. Your information will not be shared or sold to third parties.

What data is collected on the site

When registering voluntarily, you submit your name, telephone number and e-mail address via the registration form.

For what purpose this data is collected

Your name is needed to contact you, your telephone number is needed to contact the customer, your e-mail address is needed to send news, special interesting offers, important materials, newsletter products.

Your data will not be passed on to third parties under any circumstances, except in cases related to the fulfilment of legal requirements. Your data is on secure servers and is used in accordance with its privacy policy.

How this data is used

The website uses cookies and visitor data from Google Analytics.
This data is used to collect information about visitors' activities on the website in order to improve the content and functionality of the website and, as a result, to create quality content and services for visitors.

At your convenience, if you wish, you have the option to change the settings of your installed browser so that it does not skip files on its own or sends notification of their sending. Please note, however, that individual resources and functionality will not work optimally in this case.

How this data is protected

We use a variety of administrative, managerial and technical security measures to protect your personal information. Our Company adheres to various international control standards for personal information transactions, which include certain controls to protect information collected on the Internet.
However, while we endeavour to keep your personal information secure, you should also take steps to protect it.
We recommend that you take personal care of your security and follow certain rules when surfing the net. The services we provide, as well as our websites, have a robust security system, which prevents the disclosure of confidential information and its unauthorised use, modification of existing data. Despite our best efforts, we cannot give an absolute 100% guarantee that our system will not be hacked by hackers from various organisations and that no information will be leaked.
If this privacy policy changes, you will be able to read about these changes on this page or, in special cases, you will be notified by e-mail.

To contact the site administrator with any questions, you can write an e-mail to