Psilocybin mushrooms are called "teachers" for a reason
The history of psilocybin mushrooms goes back thousands of years. But their secrets began to be revealed to the Western world only 600 years ago.
The first mention of the use of psychedelic mushrooms for "divine" purposes was found in the descriptions of chroniclers and naturalists who came from Spain to Mexico in the 16th century.
They wrote that shamans change consciousness thanks to psilocybin and communicate with dead ancestors, gods, see the future, heal fellow tribesmen, restore balance and harmony with themselves and with the universe.
The healing properties of psilocybin are confirmed by scientists around the world.
decreased levels of anxieties and depressions for six months after the psilocybin ceremony
83 %
got rid of a severe form of depression as early as four weeks after the psilocybin ceremony
50 %
of participants in tobacco experiment did not smoke within 27 months of psilocybin ceremony
60 %
abstained from smoking tobacco for 3 months after psilocybin ceremony
80 %
These results come from research by Imperial College London and the Central Psychiatric Hospital in Lisbon.
Thanks to psilocybin you can stop the constant flow of thoughts, worries, fears, doubts and worries
and when combined with our entire program, at the retreat you will also be able to find all the answers you need.
Healing people from physical and mental problems with the help of psychedelic natural medicine