Psilocybin Retreat in a Spanish Castle
Experience a transformative experience accompanied by a team of therapists and coaches who specialize in working with psychedelics at Spain’s #1 premium retreat center
The best team will support you on the way
26 people
Premium single and double rooms
complete solitude with yourself and your inner world away from the city
8 days
You will have 3 ceremonies within a week of retreat
3 ceremonies
Unique ayurvedic light food full of fruits, vegetables and nuts
42 practices
for the well-being of the body, psyche, and mood pass within a week
7 дней
The mission of our team is to help people improve themselves, get out from phisical and mental problems and open new parts of themselves through ancient natural medicine.
Our retreats are an unforgettable journey inside yourself and a complete reset of your nervous system
We combine years of wisdom and advanced research
we are a retreat center
The retreat program is designed to address the most important issues
Do you periodically have thoughts that you don’t understand how to live your life? What do you want to do, how to release yourself? Fears of loss of earnings or lack of achievements? With the help of the retreat program you will be able to work through and get rid of such fears and worries.
«fears and worries»
If you have a glass ceiling in one of the areas of life, beyond which you can not go — after the full passage of our program you will see where this supposedly insurmountable barrier came from and how to break it.
«glass ceiling»
«age crisis»
Even if you’re bored with your whole life
and you’re feeling what is commonly called a "mid-life crisis" — At the retreat you can find your new way in life, which will give you back the strength to go to your personal goals, without noticing the obstacles.
If lately you are often burnt out, sick of your work and do not want to do anything — the retreat will give you a breath of fresh air, help you to see the main reasons for this condition and find a way to regain the strength to live.
98% of retreat participants solve their problems
Open your heart and feel love
Finding a sense of happiness
Energy restoration
Reboot of the nervous system

Unleashing creativity
Gaining confidence
A sense of harmony with life
Improved work efficiency
Anxiety and depression
The ability to enjoy life
The problem of self-acceptance
Find yourself, your purpose
The search for inspiration
Improved self-esteem
Our retreat center is located in a cozy castle on top of the mountain
For your safety and comfort, we have assembled a team
of professionals
medical staff members
coaches for comprehensive personal development
therapists from the field of natural medicine
sitters, overseeing the safety of the ceremony
masters of various practices from 10 countries
Elena Demchenko
Ekaterina Okishor
Katarina Baliova
Richard Doyle
Tina "Kat" Courtney
Teutli Miranda
Juan Ignacio Sinich
Margarita Berezhnaya
Vladimir Gribachev
Denis Balykhin
Andrey Berezhny
Roberto Matios
Celestina Vela
Irina Pustovgar
Testimonials from the participants of our retreats
We accept participation only after the contact with our therapist
It's important for us to know your expectations, understand your intentions and priorities, and determine your readiness for the retreat
Leave your information and we will contact you for a free consultation
Be aware regarding the possibility of the rejection in case our specialst would see a sign for that
"If you don’t know where you want to go, then what difference does it make which way you go?"
— Cheshire cat, Lewis Carroll
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to the most common questions
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Healing people from physical and mental problems with the help of psychedelic natural medicine

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